Can You Reset Your Kindle Remotely?

As of 2015, Kindle Fire devices that run the Fire operating system version 3.2.5 or newer can be reset remotely by logging into and accessing the Manage Your Content and Devices section on the website. This feature only allows resetting the device to factory settings.

For the remote reset functionality to work, a Kindle Fire device needs to be turned on and connected to a wireless network. Furthermore, the location-based services have to be enabled by turning on the option labeled Find My Kindle or Find Your Tablet in the Device Options menu. When this feature is used, contacts its users every three days via email to inform them of the status regarding the remote reset.

In addition to remote resetting, provides users of Kindle Fire tablets and phones with an option to remotely lock their devices and modify their alarm settings. Once the device is located, it typically plays an alarm sound for two minutes or until the user manually turns it off. The remote locking functionality allows users to protect their data in case the device gets stolen. If a user already protected his device with a password, remote locking allows him to modify the existing settings. Additionally, if the device is not connected to a wireless network at the time of using the remote lock feature, the changes apply the next time the device goes online.