How Can You Reset Your Computer to the Day That You Bought It?

To reset your Windows computer to the state in which it was when you bought it, perform the refresh process to restore the settings without affecting your personal files, or reset it completely by reinstalling the operating system. Alternatively, restore the state of your computer to a point closest to the day of purchase via System Restore.

In Windows 8, initiate the refresh process by moving the mouse pointer near the upper-right corner of the screen, moving it down, clicking on Settings and selecting the Change PC Settings option. Select the Update and Recovery option, click on Recovery, and click on the Get Started button in the Refresh Your PC Without Affecting Your Files section. Follow the steps in the process wizard until the system completes the refresh.

To reset the computer completely, click on the Get Started button in the Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows section. The downside of this process is that it only saves the applications that came with the computer by default, making it necessary to perform a backup of personal files beforehand.

To restore the computer settings to an earlier point in time, access the Control Panel, select the Recovery option, and click on Open System Restore. Click on the Choose a Different Restore Point option, click Next, and select the date closest to the day of purchase. If the date doesn’t appear in the list, check the box next to Show More Restore Points. The same process works in Windows 10 as well.