How Can You Rescue a Wet Cellphone Without Leaving It in a Container of Rice?


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To rescue a wet cellphone without leaving it in a box of rice, turn off the phone, wipe away as much of the liquid as possible and leave it in a container or bag that contains synthetic desiccants. Use a ready-made product such as Dry-All or Bheestie Bag, or add some silica gel packets to a zip-top bag to absorb the moisture.

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Many people recommend submerging a soaked cellphone in rice to absorb the extra moisture, but this method can get very messy. As the rice absorbs moisture, it gets soft and can get stuck in headphone and I/O ports. Instead, use synthetic desiccants to remove the moisture using the following steps.

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Immediately turn off the power to the phone. If the battery is removable, take it out.

  3. Dry off the phone.
  4. Dry off as much moisture as possible using a lint-free cloth or towel. If possible, get into the corners and ports.

  5. Use synthetic desiccants to absorb the moisture.
  6. Place the phone into a product such as Bheestie Bag or Dry-All. These are ready-made pouches that contain synthetic products that absorb moisture. Alternately, add some silica gel packets to a zip-top bag and seal the phone in the bag. These packets are also synthetic desiccants.

  7. Let the phone sit for 24 to 72 hours.
  8. Leave the phone in the bag with the synthetic desiccants for up to 72 hours. This gives desiccants enough time to absorb the moisture.

  9. Turn the phone on.
  10. Turn the phone on to make sure it works.

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