How Can You Replace the Screen on a Laptop?

To replace the screen on a laptop, unplug the power source and remove the battery. Remove the screws that hold the bezel to the case, and pry up the bezel. Remove the screws that hold the LCD frame to the case, and lift up the frame and screen. Disconnect the video cable. Connect the cable to the replacement screen, and reassemble the screen and bezel in the reverse order.

To find the screws in the laptop screen bezel, you may need to pry up small stickers or rubber plugs that hide the screw tops. Once you have exposed the screws, use a magnetized screwdriver to take them out. Keep track of the location of each screw. If the bezel doesn't lift easily off of the frame, insert a thin pry tool between the two pieces. Lift slightly to pry the bezel loose. Work your way around the outside of the bezel until the snaps disengage.

Remove any screws that are visible around the outside of the LCD frame. Depending on your laptop, the LCD may not have a frame. In that case, simply pull the LCD forward and rest it face down on your keyboard. Locate the thin video cable that runs from the lid to the screen, and pull it out. Note the way the cable connects to make reassembly easier.

Remove the new screen from the packaging and firmly connect the cable. Place the screen into the seating, but do not replace the bezel. Turn on the laptop to make sure that the new screen is functioning properly. When it does, turn the laptop off and replace the bezel.