How Can You Repair a Broken Tablet Screen?

How Can You Repair a Broken Tablet Screen?

To replace a broken screen on a Tablet, remove its frame, separate the motherboard from the screen and replace the digitizer. Replacing the screen on a broken tablet is relatively inexpensive and can often save several hundreds of dollars depending on the price of replacement or labor required in its repair.

The reason tablet screen repair is so expensive is due to the special type of component being replaced, which is called a digitizer. The digitizer is the special surface on a touchscreen device that allows a finger to control the onscreen functions. However, if the screen is replaced at home, the costs drops down dramatically and equates to an average of $50 (depending on the cost of the replacement screen), as of 2013. Use these following instructions to replace the screen on a tablet.

  1. Disassemble the tablet
  2. Loosen and remove the screws for the back plate and motherboard. Make sure to organize and mark all of the removed screws.

  3. Disconnect any of the cables
  4. Look for all of the cables for the camera, battery and motherboard. Disconnect all of them and make note on where each cable goes.

  5. Separate the front frame from the LCD
  6. Use a heat gun to warm up the adhesive frame on the digitizer. Gently remove the frame for the digitizer screen.

  7. Install the new screen
  8. Take double-sided tape and apply it on the inside of the digitizer to the front plastic frame. Keep the tape away from the usable glass on the digitizer.

  9. Reassemble the tablet
  10. Begin to reconnect the wires, motherboard and other removed components. Install all of the screws into the proper places and put the tablet back together.