How Can I Remove Scratches From Discs?


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You can remove scratches on the surface of a disc using toothpaste or peanut butter. Applying a dash of toothpaste with a clean cloth on the scratched areas and rubbing gently outwards is an effective way to remove light scratches on the disc.

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How Can I Remove Scratches From Discs?
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The location of a scratch on a CD or DVD determines whether or not it can be fixed. If a scratch runs in the same direction of the disc’s spiral, it is virtually irreparable. If it runs across the surface from the center outwards, it is reparable if you go about it gently. The severity of the scratch is also a factor – if it runs deep, the damage could be permanent.

Cleaning discs with light scratches is an easy process. First, clean the disc with mildly soapy warm water to remove any oil or finger marks. Place the label side of the disk on a smooth, flat surface. Squeeze a bit of toothpaste on the affected areas and rub gently in a straight, outward motion using a clean, lint-free cloth. Take care not to do this in a circular motion as you could damage the disc permanently. Next, clean the toothpaste off the disc’s surface by running it under warm water. Use tissue or a soft cloth to dry the disc.

An alternative to toothpaste is creamy peanut butter, as suggested by the culinary blog Chow. Apparently, the oils in the peanut butter smooth out the disc’s surface to eliminate the ‘skips’ caused by light scratches.

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