How Can You Remove Pop-up Ads From Your Web Browser?

How Can You Remove Pop-up Ads From Your Web Browser?

Some software includes elements that work with a Web browser to create pop-up ads, so first try uninstalling any software that looks suspicious. Programs such as AdwCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool scan browsers and remove the malicious extensions that generate pop-ups. An optional final step is to reset the browser.

Random pop-up ads, random advertising banners and a browser that redirects itself are all symptoms of adware. The adware may have been installed on the computer as part of a different piece of software, but it can still affect Internet Explorer, Fireforx and Google Chrome.

Use Windows 8's Programs and Features tool to see what is installed on the computer. Software programs such as SalesPlus and Browsers_Apps_pro are known to be malicious.

Use AdwCleaner to scan the computer for any other adware. AdwCleaner can then delete the software once it has been identified. Next, use Junkware Removal Tool and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove any browser hijackers and remaining malicious software.

If random pop-ups continue to appear, try resetting the browser to its default settings. The method for doing this differs from browser to browser; only do this if the other methods do not work.

To reduce the number of ads that appear on Web pages, use Adblock Plus to stop pop-ups, banners and unwanted videos from appearing. This program is available for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.