How Can You Remove All Hyperlinks in Word?


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To remove all hyperlinks in Microsoft Word, the user can either manually remove the hyperlinks one by one or use a keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut is used by pressing CTRL + Shift + F9 to remove all hyperlinks at once.

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  1. Select all the text

    In order to remove all hyperlinks from the document, the user first needs to select the whole document. This can be done by holding down the CTRL key and then pressing the A key. Pressing CTRL + A selects all the text in the document. If the hyperlinks are to be removed only from a specific part of the document, select that part manually.

  2. Press CTRL + Shift + F9

    Once the desired area has been selected, the user can remove all the hyperlinks from the selected area by holding down the CTRL and Shift keys and then pressing F9 function key together. CTRL keys and Shift keys are usually found to the left and the right sides of the keyboard. On some keyboards, it may be necessary to hold down the Fn key in order to use the F9 function key.

  3. Deselect the text

    Once all the hyperlinks have been removed, deselect all the text before carrying out further actions.

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