How Can You Register Polk Audio Products Online?


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Register Polk Audio products online by visiting the online registration form and entering information relating to the product, the purchaser and the purchase itself, as of 2015. Registering a product allows the owner to invoke the warranty coverage in the event of a malfunction or damage to the product.

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To begin the registration process, the owner needs to have the product at hand along with the proof of sale. The form of the proof of sale varies depending on the purchasing methods. Online orders typically provide an email confirmation after placing the initial order, while purchases from a physical retailer provide a printed receipt. With this information, the owner needs to visit the online registration page of the Polk Audio website and fill out the form, paying special attention to any fields marked with a star. These fields must include the proper information in order to submit the registration.

While the exact fields in the registration may change over time, the form typically begins by requesting information about the owner such as full name, email address, phone number and address. Other areas often focus on the type of product along with its unique serial number so that Polk Audio is able to identify it. The form may also include other optional demographic information that is not necessary to activate the registration.

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