How Can You Register a New Kindle?


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Consumers can register a new Kindle by connecting it to an Amazon account. This can be done by first selecting the menu button on the home screen, and then selecting the settings button. The next step is to choose registration, followed by inputting information on the Amazon account.

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Consumers that do not have a current Amazon account first need to select the option to set up a new account. They are then walked through the process of setting up the account. Those that do have an active Amazon account simply need to enter the email address and password for the account, and then select the register option. The registration process does require the Kindle be connected to a wireless Internet connection.

Once a Kindle is registered with an Amazon account it can then be used to buy and download Kindle content. Depending on the specific model of the Kindle, content can include books, games, apps, music and videos. Customers can manage their Kindles either through the Amazon website, or they can do so from the home screen of the device. Kindles can also be synced to a computer, allowing users to transfer content between the two devices. Textbooks can be rented on a Kindle, and customers can lend and borrow books between friends and family.

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