Where Can You Recycle Televisions for Cash?


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Options for recycling televisions for cash include: selling through newspapers or online vendors, returning to the manufacturer or local retailer, which may have recycling programs and offer trade-in credit or money back, and selling for scrap. Some recycling programs offer points for recycled electronics that are redeemable for gift cards.

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Where Can You Recycle Televisions for Cash?
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There is a market even for old, working cathode ray tube televisions among those with limited budgets and parents wanting something simple and stable for their children. Among recycling options for nonworking televisions, retailers that have partnered with recycling programs and offer credit or gift cards for used televisions and other electronics include Target, Walmart and Best Buy.

A television's scrap value is in the copper, scrap aluminum and circuit boards inside. Other items of value as scrap include small transformers, inductors, aluminum heat sinks and precious metal bearing integrated circuit chips. Once removed these parts are usually worth more than the television, but given the effort required and small return, scrapping is not for most.

Though cash isn't involved, donating a television to charity has tax benefits and requires little effort. Be sure to contact the charity first to ensure that it accepts the type of television being donated.

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