How Can You Recover an Unsaved Word File?

How Can You Recover an Unsaved Word File?

Recover an unsaved Word file by searching for the original document, restarting Word to look for the recovered document, searching for auto recover files and checking temporary files. Microsoft warns that some lost documents may not be recoverable.

If using Windows 8 or 8.1, hold down the Windows key and press E to open Windows Explorer. On the Search This PC box on the top-right, type the name of the original document, and press Enter. If the document does not show up, search for ".docx." Check the results to see if the search found the original file. The search option is available in the Start menu in Windows versions Vista and 7 and on the taskbar in Windows 10.

Microsoft Word may recover the unsaved file on its own. Press Ctrl+Alt+Esc to launch the Task Manager, navigate to the Processes tab, and terminate every process related to Word. Close the Task Manager, and restart Word. Word lists the documents it recovers in the Document Recovery pane on the left. Check the recovered files one by one to see if the file you're looking for is one of them.

If Word does not search for auto save files on startup, you can give the command manually. Click File and then Open. Click Recent Documents, scroll to the end, and click Recover Unsaved Documents. If Word is still unable to find the document, run a search for .asd files in Windows Explorer. Open the results one by one to find the document.

Alternatively, search for .tmp files. Copy the search results to a separate folder, and start Word. Click File and then Open. Navigate to the folder, and select All Files from the drop-down menu. Open the files one by one.