How Can You Recover an Overwritten File?

To recover an overwritten file, you need to use the Volume Snapshot Service that is a part of the Windows 7 operating system. By examining the properties of the overwritten file, you can select any of the file’s previous versions that have been retained by the VSS.

  1. Make sure that VSS is enabled

    Left-click on the Start button, right-click on Computer, and select the Properties option. Left-click on System Protection on the left side of the window, left-click on the Configure button, and make sure that the top option in the Restore Settings section is selected.

  2. Navigate to the file using Windows Explorer

    Left-click on the Start button, and left-click on the Computer button on the right side of the menu. Use the navigation menu on the left side of the new window to locate the overwritten file.

  3. Examine the properties of the file

    Once you locate the file, right-click on it, and select the Properties option at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

  4. Select a previous version of the file

    In the Properties dialog box, left-click on the Previous Versions tab, and wait for the list in the File versions section to populate. Look at the Date Modified column and find the version of the file that corresponds to the date before it was overwritten. Left-click on the file, and left-click on the Restore button at the bottom-right corner of the dialog box.