How Can You Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files?

How Can You Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files?

The only way to recover files that have been permanently deleted from the recycle bin is by downloading and installing a recovery program (such as Restoration), which will allow the recovery of previously deleted files. It is worth noting that files placed in the recycle bin are not permanently deleted and can be recovered, provided the bin is not emptied.

Once Restoration has been downloaded and installed, use the following step by step guide to recover lost files:

  1. Run Restoration
  2. Run the program (you may need to run as administrator), then choose a drive to scan. File names can also be entered into the text box in the upper right to search for specific files.

  3. Search deleted files
  4. Once the drive has been scanned, press the search for deleted files button on the right side of the window. All the relevant files will now be displayed in the large box. Files can be selected for restoration by highlighting, then clicking restore by copying.

  5. Choose a new save location
  6. Once the files have been chosen for restoration, select a folder or location to copy them to. This feature enables deleted files to be replaced exactly where they were prior to deletion. Once files have been restored, they should be able to be opened as usual.