Can you record onto a flash drive?


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Most flash drives are set up out of the box to allow recording, or writing, new information, but some are write-protected, or "read-only." However, it is possible to change the protection settings on a flash drive in a number of ways.

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Computer hardware and software is sometimes write-protected to prevent users from recording over the data already present. This makes the data more secure. Most flash drives are initially set up to both read and write, or record, new data, but a user may choose to write-protect the drive if it contains sensitive information.

If a user wishes to change the protection settings, it is often as simple as flipping a switch or pressing a button on the drive itself. However, if the drive lacks a protection switch, the user needs to change the settings using his computer's operating system.

To change the settings In Windows, use either Windows Explorer or the PartDisk command line tool. Be sure to select the correct drive before going forward in either case. In Explorer, change the drive's settings using the Security tab. In the command line, use the PartDisk's Attributes command to switch the drive to record mode once the read-only attribute has been cleared.

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