How Can You Find Quickbooks Pro for Dummies?


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Quickbook Pro for Dummies 2015 is found at the large retail stores, such as Barnes & Noble and Books A Million, as well as online at Amazon.com and the creator's website at Dummies.com. Barnes & Noble also offers a Kindle edition for a discounted price.

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As of 2015, the physical book is available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble between approximately $14 to $22 brand new. Used copies are also available for purchase for approximately $14, but their described condition is not guaranteed. You can also purchase the Kindle edition on Amazon.com for approximately $15 and immediately download it to the Kindle.

Dummies.com, the original publisher's home website, has a new edition of Quickbooks Pro for Dummies. As of 2015, the website carries the 2014 edition as well as back editions to 2008. These cost approximately between $22 and $35, depending on the edition purchased.

The Dummies.com website contains additional resources that coincide with most editions of Quickbooks Pro for Dummies. These resources include cheat sheets and in-depth articles about the specific functions of Quickbooks Pro, aimed at making use of the program much easier. Additional resources also include tips and tricks the authors and other users have found helpful.

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