Where Can You Purchase a Republic Wireless Phone?


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A Republic Wireless phone can be bought through Republic Wireless. Phones such as Moto X (first generation), Moto E, Moto G and Moto X (second generation) can be purchased.

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There are also ratings and reviews made by those who bought the phones for each model on Republic Wireless. Republic Wireless phones use Wi-Fi technology for calls, short messaging service, data sending and everything else. Republic Wireless offers four tier plans, which have a price range from $5 to $40 as of 2015, together with their phones. With the $5 plan, subscribers enjoy unlimited usage of data, calls and text using Wi-Fi. Those who wish for texts and calls using cellular or Wi-Fi should opt for the $10 plan. Since Republic Wireless does not have its own cellular network, it uses Sprint's cellular network.

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