Where Can You Purchase a Refurbished Amazon Kindle?

Where Can You Purchase a Refurbished Amazon Kindle?

Amazon.com and Ebay.com have refurbished Kindle e-readers for sale. Amazon.com sells nearly all generations of refurbished Kindles through its Kindle Store and its Kindle Outlet Store.

To peruse a list of all refurbished Kindles for sale by Amazon.com, perform a keyword search using "refurbished Kindle" at Amazon.com in all departments. Check a category box to narrow results, such as Kindle Fire, display size, weight and number of stars.

Refurbished Kindles for sale on Amazon.com include some that Amazon.com sells and others from private sellers. Amazon.com distinguishes its own used Kindle inventory as Certified Refurbished, and corresponding models are available in the Kindle Outlet Store.

It is possible to access a link to the store by searching for "Kindle outlet" in all categories. Listings in the Kindle Outlet Store include specific models that Amazon.com intends to refurbish and make available in the future and not necessarily what is available right now. Each item includes a date of availability, and you can pre-purchase.

Kindles for sale on Ebay.com are typically not certified refurbished nor offered through Amazon.com. The selection includes roughly seven different generations, including the Kindle Fire. To peruse models, search "Kindle" in all categories, and then check a subcategory box to narrow your search results by storage capacity, color, features and price. Search features also allows filtering by sellers who feature Kindles in auctions, for outright purchase and those who accept returns.