Where Can You Purchase Metro PCS Cell Phones?


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Metro PCS cell phones can be purchased online through the Metro PCS website, or they can be purchased at various wireless retailers throughout the country. The Metro PCS website has a "Store Locater" application that helps users find stores that carry Metro PCS cell phones near them.

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Metro PCS cell phones are prepaid phones that allow users to call, text and access the internet without signing onto an extended contract. Users will pay for minutes, data and text maximums and then are able to use the phone up until they reach those maximums. MetroPCS supports various Samsung and LG phones, as well as a line of standard phones that cannot access data plans.

The company was previously an independent retailer, but was bought by T-Mobile in 2012. Since the acquisition by T-Mobile, the phones are more widely stocked throughout the country and are able to be purchased in most metropolitan areas.

When a Metro PCS cell phone is bought, the buyer must also pay for minutes, text caps, and data usage in advance. All of these purchases can be made online directly from the Metro PCS website. For users who do not want to use the website, there are a large number of third-party wireless stores that carry both Metro PCS phones and other prepaid non-contract phones throughout the United States.

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