What Can You Do on the Public Partnerships Web Portal?

What Can You Do on the Public Partnerships Web Portal?

The PCG Public Partnerships Web portal allows users to view and manage a public agency’s budget. A public agency can grant access to the portal to any of its employees and representatives. These employees can then view the expenditures and payments details included in the budget. The portal allows its users to generate real-time budget reports. Standard and customized reports are also available through the portal at any time.

The PCG Public Partnerships Web portal generates electronic time sheets and invoices. These electronic documents help public agencies to reduce their paperwork. Users can also print pre-filled electronic enrollment forms to further reduce paperwork.

The Web portal checks time sheets and invoices for errors at the time of submission. The portal carries out time validations to ensure that users enter the correct time. Budget validations stop users from submitting bills that exceed authorized amounts. Users can correct any mistakes online.

A public agency and its users can set rules for time sheets and invoices. The Web portal verifies that any submitted document adheres to these rules. This real-time validation ensures that payments go out on time.

The PCG Public Partnerships, LLC is a financial management services firm that only works with public agencies at the state, region and county levels.