Where Can You Find Proxy IP's?

can-proxy-ip-s Credit: The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Proxy IP addresses can be found on websites such as NewIPNow.com, My-Proxy.com and Free-Proxy-List.net. Some websites, such as HideMe.be, provide visitors with an option to browse the Internet anonymously by encrypting the URL and preventing scripts from running.

NewIPNow.com provides a list of free and premium proxy IP addresses through which a user can connect to a specific website. This is accomplished by inputting the desired URL in the address field on the main page and selecting an IP address that corresponds to the geographic location of the proxy server. The website also offers an option to automatically use a different proxy IP address every time a user starts the service.

My-Proxy.com allows visitors to select a random IP address or choose one from France, the United States, Germany or United Kingdom. The website works by fetching the desired Web page under the selected IP address and displaying it within its own interface. Free-Proxy-List.net, on the other hand, provides a list of up to 300 different proxy IP addresses. The list is updated every 10 minutes, and it provides information regarding ports, codes, country of origin and level of anonymity. A user can utilize any of the listed addresses in Web browsers that support the proxy functionality, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.