Where Can You Find Printable Workout Plans?

can-printable-workout-plans Credit: Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

A number of websites offer printable workout plans. Some of the printable plans require access to a gym or special exercise equipment, but there are a few that don't require any equipment.

Workout Labs offers several free printable workout packs that target specific areas of the body, such as abs and legs. They also have two bundled eight-week workout and nutrition programs that include detailed workout illustrations and training advice.

Women's Health Magazine has several exercise plans which can be downloaded to a .PDF file and printed out. The exercise plans include a 21-day bikini body workout, a dancer specific workout and a program aimed at achieving a flat stomach.

Fitness Blender offers full length videos and workout printouts that are meant to be used while at the gym. The printable exercises each have a link, which can be used to watch a quick 30-second video detailing how to do each particular exercise.

Keep it Moving Fitness has links on its website to a wide variety of printable fitness routines. The routines are separated by four categories: upper body, lower body, full body and cardio and abs and core. The website also offers a free fitness newsletter that allows visitors can sign up and receive new workout plans via email as soon as they are available.