Where Can You Find Free, Printable Clipart Online?

Royalty-free image databases like Clker, Classroom Clipart and Open Clipart are all readily available sources of free clipart images that users can download, alter and print according to their needs. These images cost nothing to use and can be stored until needed and then printed on any standard printer.

Clker is a standard image database composed of clipart collected from around the Internet. All art hosted on Clker is royalty free and open to printing and downloading by users. Users can search the images by subject matter in order to find things relevant to their needs or interests.

Open Clipart is a similar site with a filtered search engine that can be adjusted by users to find images corresponding to keywords or which meet size and quality standards. This allows users to comb through the huge database of royalty free images to find only those which meet their requirements.

Classroom Clipart is focused specifically on providing educators of all kinds with open and cost-free access to images for use in the classroom, for educational graphic design projects and for everyday activities of any sort. This may include printing leaflets or fliers or assembling paper materials for a class science project. All images are free to use and print.