How Can You Print Using an IPhone?

To print content using an iPhone, you need a printer that features the AirPrint functionality and an AirPrint-enabled app. As long as a compatible printer and your iPhone are connected to the same wireless network, you can print high-quality documents without the need to install additional drivers.

Some of the AirPrint-enabled apps include Mail, Safari and Evernote. After starting any of these apps, tap the Share or Forward icon, usually represented by an arrow pointing to either left or right, and select the Print option. Some apps require access to the Settings menu to get to the Print option. In the Printer Options screen, select the printer with the AirPrint functionality, choose the number of copies, and tap Print. Once the printing starts, you can observe the print status or cancel the process altogether through the App Switcher by tapping on the printer icon and selecting the Cancel Printing option.

To ensure proper functionality, make sure to update the iOS operating system on your iPhone and the app you’re using to print. An AirPrint-enabled printer cannot print content from an iPhone if it's connected to a computer through a USB port. To enable AirPrint without having access to a wireless network, use an Ethernet cable to connect the printer through a LAN port on your AirPort device.