How Can You Print Your Own Wine Label?

How Can You Print Your Own Wine Label?

Printing a wine label is an easy task that can require either using a template or designing the label, getting plain or gummed paper and utilizing a printer to make the labels. Although it is possible to design one's own label with a software program, using a free downloadable template can make this an easy project.

Personalized wine labels can be made from templates for any occasion, such as a wedding or holidays. For example, the Martha Stewart Weddings website offers a free wine label template for a wedding. Additionally, other websites, such as, can offer other different types of wine label templates.

Some supplies used for printing and making a wine label are a computer, paper cutter, PDF template, wine bottle and glue stick. By using a wine label template, such as for a wedding, the process for making wine labels can take very little time.

To make this type of label, go to the Martha Stewart Weddings website, download the free PDF template file and enter text in the placeholder area provided with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. On an inkjet or laser printer, print out the customized template by using a strong white paper sheet that is 8.5 inches by 11.5 inches. It is important to cut out carefully the wine label between the crop lines by using the paper cutter. Affix the label to the wine bottle with the glue stick.

Another method for making these labels is to use gummed paper. Additionally, a waterproof coating applied to the label prior to cutting it out may be useful to avoid runny inkjet colors, as noted by the website.