Where Can You Print Out a PDF of an Arduino Tutorial?

To find Printable Arduino tutorials, go to 4tronix.uk.co or introtoarduino.com. 4tronix's document, "Arduino," contains over 700 pages of information, while "Introduction to Arduino" contains almost 200 pages of knowledge. Both documents are digitally indexed.

"Arduino" uses an example structure for its tutorials, starting with the basics of digital and analog I/O processes such as controlling LEDs, reading physical inputs, controlling data flow and filtering noise. The tutorial provides examples of communication with a computer, reading different kinds of sensors, and sound and hardware options. The document also offers links to Arduino's website, which provides a programming language reference.

"Introduction to Arduino" was designed for use with an Arduino class and is structured as a textbook. It is provided as a free download, but is also available for purchase in a paperback edition at Amazon.com. The tutorial provides lessons that allow students to learn how to program Arduinos and build basic circuits. Each chapter includes exercises, and sample solutions are at the end of the book. Also included are part kit lists for each chapter and a programming language reference.

Further tutorials for Arduino are found at its website, although they are not in PDF form. Many of these tutorials are built into the Arduino software, which is also available for download at the product website.