How Can You Print Large Letters on Your Computer?

To print large letters, type the desired letter in Microsoft Word, increase its font size until it fills the page, and use the print functionality by pressing P while holding down Ctrl. Alternatively, use an online service, such as, to create a page containing a single large letter.

After starting Microsoft Word and typing the desired letter, use the mouse pointer to mark the letter, right-click on it, and select the Font option. Click on the Size field, input a number with three digits, and click OK. Since the font size required to fill the entire page depends on the font type, start with 500, and increase that number in small increments until it reaches the desired size. To decrease the space wasted on margins in Microsoft Word 2010 or newer versions, click on the Page Layout tab, select the Margins option, and click on Custom Margins. Enter “0” In the Top and Bottom fields, and click OK to confirm the changes.

On, type in one or multiple letters, select the desired font and color, and click on the Download button at the bottom. Once the page appears, right-click on it, and select the Save As option. Type in the file name, and click Save. Open the file in any PDF reader, and click on the Print icon to initiate the printing process.