How Can You Print a Document in Windows 8?

How Can You Print a Document in Windows 8?

The print option in Windows 8 is easily accessible from the right-side context menu. By swiping or moving the mouse cursor to the right edge of the display, a number of options can be accessed that the open app supports. Printing is also accessible from the File menu.

  1. Open a document or an application that supports printing

    This application can be a word processing program, a spreadsheet or an image editor. If printing is not supported, a message saying "This app can't print" is shown.

  2. Ensure a printer is connected, turned on and installed

    From the Device Manager under the Printers tab, check that a printer is installed, connected and powered on. If no printer is installed, connect one via the USB connection port, and install the drivers. Some printers have auto-installing drivers.

  3. From the document window, move to the right-hand side of the screen

    A tab with several options should appear. Click the Devices button located second from the bottom.

  4. Click the Print button in the submenu

    After doing this, a list of currently attached and installed printers appears, so choose one of them, and begin selecting the more detailed instructions for printing the document or image. These options include paper type and orientation.