How Can You Prevent People From Finding You on Google?

How Can You Prevent People From Finding You on Google?

To prevent from being found online, verify company policies, use a post office address, avoid using social networks and be careful when giving out information. In extreme cases, it is possible to obtain a court order to remove all public records.

Many companies share information given over the phone, on paper and electronically. Inquire about the company’s privacy policies before providing any personal information. Where possible, specifically ask the company not to share any given information publicly.

Next, open a personal address at the local post office, and use this to receive letters and packages. This is an easy way to remove home address information from public records.

Avoid using social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. These sites make it easy to find information about people online. Where using social networks is unavoidable, use a pseudo name. Social networks such as Facebook allow users to adjust their privacy settings and block search engines.

Lastly, be careful when giving out information, and provide only what is necessary. Many companies request needless information that may make its way to public records. Where possible, provide only an e-mail address that is not attached to any personal information such as real names.