How Can You Prepare for the ICS 100 Exam?


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To prepare for the ICS 100 exam, take the online course available through the training portal of the Federal Emergency Management Agency website. In the list of courses available for independent study there, ICS 100 training by first responder specialty is shown in the IS-100 series of links.

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The best way to ensure a passing grade for the ICS 100 exam is a thorough understanding of the core concepts of ICS, the incident command system utilized by emergency responders. Because further study in the various certifications required by first responders and law enforcement builds off this foundation, completing this coursework either online or in a classroom is vital. The ICS 100 exam deals strictly with these learning materials, and a person with a firm grasp of the tiered training involved fares far better on it.

There are practice quizzes and questions and answers for the test available at Quizlet. These practice tests and answers can help you understand strengths and weaknesses in study areas. Use them as an extra study aid, but do not perform rote memorization of these questions, as different versions of the ICS 100 test are based on responder specialty. Additionally, questions on the test use similar verbiage and may appear in a different order than that memorized.

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