How Can You Practice Typing?


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One resource for practicing typing skills is How-to-Type.com, which offers a number of exercises for assessing and improving typing ability. After each exercise, the website reveals the user statistics, such as words typed per minute, keys pressed per second, and overall accuracy.

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One key feature of the site is the availability of a basic typing speed test and an intermediate typing speed test. These two tests are administered on the same page, so that after taking both tests, the user can review the statistics for how well they performed with each one, and can compare the results. It is a useful way to gauge typing accuracy and skill level.

The site also has features for practicing typing with the right hand, the left hand, and all of the different rows on a QWERTY keyboard. The information and exercises provided help the user learn the proper positions of the hand and tools to speed up typing ability.

One way the site makes typing practice enjoyable is an exercise in which the user types a famous quote. The quotes are varied, interesting and challenging. The site offers several different types of punctuation and words, including occasional foreign or uncommon words to increase the challenge.

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