How Can You Play a Drum Kit Online?


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To play a drum kit online, access the virtual drum games on websites such as VirtualDrumming.com or DrumNuts.com, select one of the drum kits, and play the drums by pressing the buttons on your keyboard, dragging the mouse pointer over different toms and cymbals, or specifying an automated rhythm. These games require the use of Web browsers that feature built-in Flash support or have Adobe Flash installed.

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After navigating to VirtualDrumming.com, click on the Drum Games button, and select the desired virtual drum kit from the rock, metal, jazz or fusion category by clicking on the drummer’s name. Once the virtual drum kit loads, click on each drum element to specify a key that triggers it while playing, or use the default layout. Play the drums by pressing the assigned keys, and control the volume and dynamics settings by dragging the appropriate sliders left or right. To change the drum kit, click on the Drum Sets button, and select a different drummer.

On DrumNuts.com, click on the Drum Games link, click on Virtual Drums, and click on the Go button next to the desired game. Each game features a Tips section that explains how to play the drums. Some games, such as Button Beats Virtual Drum Kit, feature an option to specify rhythm and tempo for each drum element, while others, such as Chicken Virtual Drum Kit, allow you to play the drums by clicking on individual elements and automating specific toms or cymbals.

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