How Can You Play the BeamNG Drive Demo for Free?

Play a free technical demonstration of by downloading it from The demo is available as a .zip file. Extract the game files from the archive to a folder, and run the executable file to use the vehicle simulation game. The free demo offers one map and one vehicle to illustrate the workings of the physics-based graphics engine.

The alpha version of is available for purchase from retailers including Steam and Humble Bundle as of October 2015. This version is considered an incomplete game but allows users early access to experience the game and provide feedback on development.

The game engine realistically simulates driving a variety of different-size vehicles, ranging from a hatchback sedan to a big-rig tractor. Each vehicle is graphically comprised of hundreds of nodes connected by thousands of beams. In-game collisions between a vehicle and another object cause realistic damage; a front-end collision, for example, crumples the engine compartment and disables the vehicle.

In addition to collision damage, the game simulates realistic vehicle handling in a variety of driving conditions. Maps include features such as paved roads, muddy tracks, vegetation and height variations. The game encourages players to take vehicles off-road to explore hidden features.