How Can Pictures Be Transferred From a Camera to a Remote Computer?

How Can Pictures Be Transferred From a Camera to a Remote Computer?

Transferring pictures from a digital camera to a computer requires either a USB cord that attaches to both the camera and the computer or a memory card that is removed from the camera and fits into an available slot in the computer or into a memory card reader that attaches to the computer. Some laptops and desktop computers are equipped with built-in memory card slots, making transfers easy to do without connection cables or wearing down the camera's battery.

If the laptop or desktop computer is not equipped with a memory card slot, a reader will need to be purchased and installed in order to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer. If a USB cord is used, the following steps offer a quick way to transfer the images to the computer from the digital camera.

  1. Connect the camera to the computer
  2. Using the USB cable that came with the camera, connect the camera to the computer and turn the camera on.

  3. Import pictures to the computer
  4. When the AutoPlay dialog box appears, click "Import pictures and videos using Windows." Select "Tag these pictures" if the images are to be tagged and type the tag name in the dialogue box. Click "Import."

If the AutoPlay dialogue box does not appear, locate the camera by clicking "Start" and then "Computer." Right click the camera icon and select "Import pictures and videos" then tag and import in the same manner as listed above.