How Can Pictures Be Transferred Between Two Computers?

One way to transfer pictures from one computer to another is using an external storage device, such as a CD, DVD, USB stick or an external hard disk. Simply copy or move the pictures to the external device, and then paste them into the other computer. If you're on a Windows computer having the Windows Easy Transfer application, you can connect the two computers using an EasyTransfer cable and use the application to send the pictures.

If the computers are connected to the same network, you can transfer the pictures using Wi-Fi or via a LAN cable. However, you must first share your hard drive. To do so on a Mac, access the sharing options by opening System Preferences and clicking Sharing. If you're on a computer running Windows, right-click on the drive or folder you wish to share, click Properties, and then open the Sharing tab. Once you've successfully shared the folder or drive with the pictures, copy the pictures to the other computer.

If both of the computers are Macs, you can use Migration Assistant to send the pictures. If both computers are running OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion, you can use AirDrop to send the pictures wirelessly. The methods outlined above also work for other types of files.