What Can You Do With Photoshop 7.0?


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Adobe Photoshop 7.0 allows the user to create and edit images just as all previous Photoshop versions did, but it also adds on major new features such as auto color and the healing brush. Additionally, Photoshop 7.0 offers a pattern maker, an embedded file browser and a workspace option.

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The healing brush is perhaps the most significant addition to this edition of Photoshop, and it speeds up the photo editing process by allowing users to correct imperfections in their images without altering the lighting and texture attributes of the original images. Previously, users were required to use the clone stamp tool to sample a section of the image and patch over its imperfections; however, the clone stamp would also produce an exact copy of the sampled part of the image, regardless of the lighting and texture qualities of the targeted area.

The second important addition, auto color, works alongside the auto levels feature that allows users to alter the image's color and contrast values in relation to the lightest and darkest pixels. The auto levels feature does not allow users to alter the greater color cast of the image; previous versions required more manual color manipulation to further alter the image, but auto color automates this process by neutralizing the image's color based on shadows, midtones and highlights compared to Photoshop's default values.

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