Where Can Free Photos of Dragonflies Be Found Online?

Where Can Free Photos of Dragonflies Be Found Online?

Free images of dragonflies can be obtained online through several websites, such as freepik, 123RF or Morguefile. Many online photo websites offer images that are called stock photos which can be reused for free.

Photos and art of dragonflies are available from photography services that supply images for fees as well as free stock photos.

The advantage of downloading an existing image is that is eliminates the use of a photographer when some subjects can be challenging for non-professionals.

Professional, free high resolution stock photos can be used for print illustrations, presentations and on websites.

Photos that are no longer being used by publications are often made available for free. Most of these photos are taken by professional photographers using high resolution processes. High resolution results in a clearer image in the photo. It is created by using a certain lens setting on a camera. These lens settings result in smaller pixels and in a higher resolution and therefore results in a clearer picture.

To take the picture off of the website, place the cursor on the photo and double-click on the image. A box will come up with information about the size of the image and sometimes the specifics about its resolution. It will also indicate whether the photo is available for download. Click the download button and the image will then arrive to the desktop or download file.