How Can You Get Free Phone Service in Canada?

To get free phone service in Canada, use services like NetTalk, and VoIP through Ax Voice. Some of these sites have completely free phone service, while others have either free installation or an annual fee with no monthly fees for the phone service.

NetTalk is a phone service that provides free set-up and hardware and no monthly fees. The main drawback is that there is an annual fee. However, other special features like multiple phone lines, voicemail, international calling and caller ID are all free. For completely free service, use a phone service like This allows the person to use a computer to make phone calls. It includes absolutely free calls anywhere in the world, voicemail, chat and caller ID.

Another way to use a computer for making free calls is by using VoIP. This is available from different carriers, such as Ax Voice. It includes unlimited free calls to the United States and Canada, number transfers, special features, free activation and free hardware. There is a very small monthly fee for this service, but the rest of the features are free of charge. There are no hidden fees or charges for extra hardware, set up or installation.