How Can a Person Troubleshoot an HP Laptop Screen When It Goes Dark?

How Can a Person Troubleshoot an HP Laptop Screen When It Goes Dark?

In the case of an HP laptop screen going dark, various troubleshooting options can fix the problem, such as a hard reset, unplugging the laptop wires and then doing a hard reset or checking memory modules. Through one of these troubleshooting options, the laptop screen should return to functionality.

  1. Do a hard reset

    When doing a hard reset of an HP laptop, make sure that the computer is fully off and take out the laptop's battery. Plug the laptop into its power source and turn it back on. After the laptop is on, restore the battery. This may fix a black screen.

  2. Unplug and do a hard reset

    If the HP laptop is still having screen issues, try a hard reset by unplugging any wires and cables connected to the laptop. Double-check that everything is unplugged and do a hard reset again.

  3. Check the memory modules

    If the above two steps haven't resolved the issue, then reboot the memory modules. Remove the two memory modules and the battery from the laptop. Insert the first memory module and plug the laptop back in. Repeat for the second module. If both are in working order, they are not causing the screen issues.

  4. Test with an external monitor

    Lastly, troubleshoot screen darkness by connecting an external monitor to the laptop, HP recommends. If the external monitor has no issues displaying a picture but the laptop does, it is time to take it in for professional repairs.