How Can a Person Save Money With Amazon Promotional Claim Codes?


A person saves money with Amazon promotional claim codes by applying the value of the code to the purchase of items at Promotional claim codes can be acquired a number of ways, including directly from the website, through email promotions from and through third party websites that specialize in promotional codes for retail outlets.

Amazon promotional claim codes typically offer discounts for specific consumer items or shipping. When a customer receives a promotional code, instructions detail exactly what products the code can be used for. The first step is to select whatever products the customer wants to purchase from the Amazon store and place them in the shopping cart. For promotional code use, a customer should follow manual checkout and not the One Click Ordering option. The address of the shipping destination is then entered, followed by payment information, which includes credit card or gift card details. On the final order page, the customer should look for a box that asks for any promotional claim codes, enter the numbers of the codes and click Apply. The amount of savings the code offers is automatically deducted from the order.

Promotional claim codes are generally valid only for a limited time, so customers must use them before they expire. If the amount of the promotional discount does not cover the full amount of purchase, the balance is deducted from the customer's credit card. When returning or canceling items, only the cash payment is refunded and not the value of the promotional claim code.