How Can a Person Remove a Tape That Is Stuck in a VCR?


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To remove a tape that is stuck in a VCR, remove the machine's cover and wind the gears to release the videotape and the spool. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove a lodged object that has prevented the tape from moving in the machine, such as a small toy that a child has stuffed through the opening.

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VCRs usually damage tapes because the motor is not working or because something is preventing the tape from being ejected.

Step 1: Remove the VCR cover

This usually requires a small screwdriver. Remove all the screws, then depress any plastic tabs or buttons required to release the lid.

Step 2: Remove the tape

Gently unwind the dial on the motor that releases the cassette. When it lifts up off of the spools, remove it from the machine, then replace the VCR cover.

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