How Can a Person Make a Phone Ring by Itself?

To make a phone ring by itself, the user must access the phone's ringtones or use the local ringback number to test the phone. Accessing the ringtones does not actually make the phone ring, but instead plays the different ringtones available to test them.

The ringtone method only works for cellular phones, while the ringback feature exists for both cellular phones and land lines.

Step 1: Find the ringtones

Access the "Settings" menu on the cellphone or smartphone, then scroll down the list to "Sounds" or "Ringtones." Select a different ringtone from the list to make it play.

Step 2: Find the ringback number

Ringback numbers vary from one area code to the next, and are sometimes not disclosed to the public. In most areas, these automatic number announcement circuits, or ANACs, start with the digits 958 and 959.