How Can a Person Hide Apps on IOS 7?

How Can a Person Hide Apps on IOS 7?

To hide applications on iOS 7, simply create a folder of the unwanted apps within another folder, and then pull the folder of unwanted apps into a full home screen. This will make the apps disappear from the device's screen, but does not remove them from the device itself. Although hidden, the apps are still using data.

With iOS 7, unwanted apps such as "Stocks" and "Newsstand" can be removed from the screen. It only takes a few simple steps.

Step 1: Create a file of unwanted apps

Drag the unwanted apps into one folder. This is done by holding and dragging them on top of each other.

Step 2: Make a folder within a folder

Make sure the home screen is full of apps, with no folders, and the quick launch bar at the bottom is full as well. Create another folder with any two apps. Then quickly drag the folder of unwanted apps into the one just created. This may take a few tries before the folder actually sticks.

Step 3: Empty the folder

Drag the useful apps out of the folder in Step 2 back onto the home screen, leaving only the folder with the unwanted apps. Drag that smaller folder onto the home screen, where it will disappear along with the unwanted apps.