How Can a Person Enable ActiveX Controls on a Computer?


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ActiveX controls may be enabled or otherwise adjusted through changing the settings in Internet Explorer. ActiveX controls are small applications that allow users to use elements like videos and games on a webpage.

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In September 2014, Internet Explorer began blocking outdated versions of ActiveX controls and prompting users to update them. The process is straightforward:

Step 1: Access the Tools menu

After opening Internet Explorer, find the Tools menu and click on "Internet Options."

Step 2: Select the security level

Find the Security tab and click on "Custom Level."

Step 3: Open the ActiveX selections

Click on Security Settings and find the option "ActiveX controls and plug-ins."

Step 4: Choose and enable an ActiveX control

Select from one of the several options that may be enabled at this level, including Automatic Prompting, Download and Run. These will enable the ActiveX controls and allow you to update them when they are out of date.

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