Where Can People Dispose of Old Televisions?


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Old televisions and other electronics should be recycled or donated at participating electronics retailers such as Best Buy or Staples, according to the EPA. If there is no retailer nearby that is participating in this program, E-Cycling Central recommends finding a private recycling company that accepts electronics from individuals.

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Large electronics, such as television sets, computer monitors, laptops and PCs, are filled with valuable metals and other resources that can be recycled and then put to use in the manufacture of new electronics. When recycling electronics, one should take care to avoid damaging them, since they can release dangerous or toxic substances such as mercury and lead into the environment. Many electronics recyclers are willing to accept items for donation or recycling free of charge. Some recyclers provide pick-up services, but may charge a fee depending on the item.

Recycling electronics rather than sending them to dumps and landfills is a way of reducing the negative impact of electronics manufacturing and waste processing on the environment. It is estimated that the amount of energy conserved by recycling a million laptops is the same as the amount of electricity it would take to power 3,657 homes in one year, says the EPA.

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