Where Can You Find a Pear Phone Like the One in "iCarly"?


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You can not purchase a real Pear phone like the ones in "iCarly." The Pear brand phones and computers featured in "iCarly" are fictional parodies of Apple brand products. Pear phones can be made from crafting materials like cardboard and foam by following tutorials found on the Internet.

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The fictional Pear brand is designed to mimic the real-life brand Apple from device aesthetics to marketing. The product lines sold by Pear include the PearPod, PearBook and PearPhone which are takes on Apple's iPod, MacBook and iPhone products. Not only are the names and branding similar to that of Apple's, but the interfaces of the devices are also designed to appear familiar to Apple users.

Pear devices are sold at Pear Stores. Pear Stores are designed to be hip and fashionable like the Apple Store. The Pear brand extends beyond just the "iCarly" series and appears in Dan Schneider's other Nickelodeon network series "Sam and Kat" and "Victorious."

Avid fans of Dan Schneider's shows have crafted custom-made Pear products from materials found at crafts and specialty stores online. These homemade Pear phones range from simple cardboard and paper designs to full-fledged electronic devices with custom plastic shells and a working screen.

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