How Can You Find Out Where Verizon Cell Phone Towers Are Located?


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Locations of Verizon cell towers are available from AntennaSearch.com, CellReception.com and CellMapper.com. Sites such as OpenSignal.com provide coverage maps for Verizon cell service in addition to tower locations.

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CellMapper.com provides the location of cell towers on a map of the United States. The map divides the cell towers by those that carry signals on 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Users can search the map by location by inputting zip codes or city names. Other map settings allow users to filter towers by the date on which it first appeared or was last updated. Users can also filter out low accuracy towers. Clicking on the towers provides more detailed information.

Information available from AntennaSearch.com includes the location of both existing towers and those the company intends to build. The search provides the location of towers with in a 4-mile radius of a given address.

CellReception.com provides the location of towers registered with FCC, which can be searched by city and state. The site provides links to tower location maps in major cities, which users can then filter by provider to locate Verizon towers. For major cities, the site offers user reviews of the cell coverage.

OpenSignal.com provides a location map for Verizon towers, which users can search for by address or zip code.

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