How Can You Find Out If Your Tablet Is Under Warranty?


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The most reliable way to determine a tablet's warranty status is with the original purchase receipt. Manufacturer's warranties on tablets begin at the time of purchase, making the date on the receipt more accurate than a manufacturer's estimate based on serial number and manufacturing date.

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Registering a tablet with the manufacturer gives the company the tablet's purchase date, which allows customers to access their warranty dates by logging into their account on the manufacturer's website. Tablet manufacturers such as Microsoft, Asus and Toshiba require a valid sales receipt to register a product or obtain warranty service.

For products that are not registered with the manufacturer, a sales receipt is necessary to prove the purchase date and warranty eligibility. Copies of receipts are obtainable from the retailer that sold the tablet, so long as the purchase was made with a traceable method such as credit card or check. Retailers such as Best Buy cannot track cash purchases; if the original receipt is lost for an item purchased in cash, and the item has not been registered with the manufacturer, it is not possible to reliably determine its warranty status.

While not always necessary for obtaining warranty coverage, not including the original accessories or packaging when sending in a warranty claim may lead to additional charges. Asus reserves the right to charge customers for proper anti-shock packaging when units are sent for warranty repair without the original package.

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