How Can You Find Out What Abbreviations in Texts Mean?


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Websites such as NetLingo.com, Abbreviations.com and Connexin.net all publish lists of common abbreviations used in text messages and online conversations and their meanings. Classification using symbols, letters and numbers make the abbreviations easier to understand.

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The three websites lists the abbreviations in alphabetical order. However, some abbreviations contain a mixture of letters and numbers. For example, ?GR8? means ?Great? and ?10Q? means ?Thank You.? Most abbreviations vary depending on the context of that particular discussion or the preferences of the user. For instance, ?I8U? means ?I Hate You? while another user may type ?182? to mean the same thing.

These short abbreviations are widely used on social network platforms that have a limited number of characters that a user types at a time. They have since risen in popularity especially among young people when communicating via Short Messaging Service where the network service provider charges a particular fee per a certain number of words sent via SMS.

Even though the acronyms mostly appear in capital letters, they do not necessarily mean that the sender is shouting. However, text messages that have all words or sentences in capital letters and exclamation marks are mostly used during an argument or when trying to emphasize a particular point.

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