How Can I Open an SCR File?

An SCR file is a script file that can be opened with programs that can edit scripts, such as AutoCAD or a text editor. SCR files are typically associated with screensaver files.

  1. Click on the file

    Use the mouse to double-click on the file to open it, as the Windows application that created the file may open it instantly. Allow the associated program to open.

  2. Use other editing options

    Use a text editor, such as WordPad or Microsoft Word, to open the file. Edit the file once it has been opened with a text editor. Ensure that this program opens this type of file only once, as a user may want to use a different program in the future.

  3. Using specialized software

    Use a specialized program, such as AutoCAD, to open an SCR file. Use this type of special software when other options have failed. SCR files are often associated with EXE files, and they may have to be opened at the same time.

  4. Use freeware

    Use a downloadable freeware file opening program from the Internet. There are many available that force open any type of file. Use this option only when other programs have failed, as the file may not be editable with freeware not specifically designed for it.

An SCR file is an executable file that is primarily associated with Unknown Apple II files, often found on the Golden Orchard Apple II Cd Rom. SCR files are also associated with Windows screen savers, Image Pro Plus, TrialDirector script file, Procomm Plus screen snapshot file, Movie Master Screenplay, Mastercam Dialog script file and various other programs.